who we are

Healthcare marketing is all we do. It’s all about helping hospitals and other healthcare clients get (and retain) more patients. If your hospital or medical center is considering outsourcing some of its marketing efforts, you have options. There’s nothing wrong with that. We brand clients all the time. And we like to be creative, too. But that isn’t what makes us special.

our missions

  • To be the leading healthcare provider in the Nepal.
  • To deliver quality, patient centric healthcare at an affordable cost.
  • To be the centre of excellence for medical research and academics.
  • To cultivate an environment of trust, honesty, mutual respect, equality, and ethics.
  • To promote healthy communities while reducing health disparities.
  • To educate and inspire the next generation of faculty, staff and leaders.

Qualified Doctors

Mean physician; medically qualified may be added to doctor to confirm that the person in question is a medical doctor ....

24 hours service

Hospital open 24 hours having 24x7 hour emergency doctors for rapid emergency response for all clinical situations......

modern equipment

In order to provide comprehensive treatment for patients, there is a standard set of equipment......

conscientious Doctors

Doctors have always given a special place to their own values in the delivery of health care......

call in 20 minutes

All patients could be seen on time and, when a meeting with a patient only took 20 minutes......

enthusiastic support

A support worker helps vulnerable people to live happy and independent lives so it really is one of the most .....